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A Word from Our Executive Director: December 2019

Lab News

If you are like me, you are probably receiving a number of end-of-the-year reflection emails this week. 2019 was indeed an eventful year for the early childhood field, especially here in California and at the Lab.  

Read on for highlights of the recent and exciting progress we’ve made across many fronts. You will meet the two newest members of our team: Mansi Kakkar, our design & technology strategist, who will be leading our work bringing human-centered design to family-serving organizations in the Philadelphia Parent Innovation Institute that will kick off in 2020, and Liz Engellener, our product manager, who will be leading the development of our tech tool, the QuickCheck, which recently won Harvard’s Saul Zaentz Early Education Innovation Challenge

You can also explore our new interactive report, Enabling Smart Early Childhood Technology in Public Systems. We partnered with Early Edge California, Ounce of Prevention Fund, and Texans Care for Children to explore the early childhood funding and technology landscape in California, Illinois, and Texas and to provide go-forward strategies for tech entrepreneurs and early childhood stakeholders to strengthen supports for young children and families. (Go ahead, click and play with the interactive maps of early childhood funding streams in each state it is super fun to follow the money.) 

On top of all this, we have been working with the Santa Clara County Office of Education to develop recommendations for the design and implementation of a statewide Parent Portal, part of California’s Preschool Development Grant, to help families across the state find child care and see if they may be eligible for subsidized public services; working to understand how families can promote early math practices; and providing hands-on, quality improvement consulting for early childhood programs. 

Through it all, we are grateful for our partners and funders who inspire and support all our work. I can’t wait for you to see what we do in 2020. 

Happy holidays to you from our team!