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Baby Noggin: Child Development Screenings in the Palm of your Hand

Early Learning Tech

“As a busy mom of two, I’ve found BabyNoggin helpful to be conscious of what’s important and what to focus on next.”


When she was pregnant, Dr. Jin Lee was surprised by the lack of available resources on child development. The Oxford-trained child psychologist wanted to change that. That’s why she developed BabyNoggin, a mobile app that helps parents track how their children develop and then connects that information to healthcare professionals and insurance companies.

As a child psychologist, Dr. Lee knows the importance of child developmental screening, which delivers trustworthy information on a child’s developmental milestones and helps identify children who could benefit from interventions. These screenings are also time consuming, taking an average of eight minutes at the pediatrician’s office.

With BabyNoggin, a parent can download the app and complete the test at home. The test uses a commonly-used measure called PEDS:DM, which is written at a second to fourth grade level and has only six questions. The easy-to-use home screening saves the pediatrician almost a third of the average 20-minute doctor’s appointment, freeing up precious time during a well visit. And after the screening is completed, BabyNoggin facilitates reimbursement to the doctor from the patient’s insurance.

In addition to developmental screening, BabyNoggin educates parents about child development and suggests interactive, developmentally-appropriate activities for families. For those who need more resources, users have access to a referral system to find local nonprofits and state entities based on the results of their screenings.

With a focus on combining the health, education, and digital communities with parents, caretakers, educators, and insurance companies, BabyNoggin builds relationships between all of these constituents in an innovative way. The possibilities seem endless. Looking forward, Dr. Lee envisions more community-building and a wider reach, envisioning partnerships with nonprofits and government agencies to boost early intervention in lower income areas. Ultimately, she is working toward the goal of getting every child screened — a major step that could dramatically improve health and education outcomes for families and communities everywhere.