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Announcement: The Early Learning Lab is Merging with Start Early

Lab News

We have some exciting news to share with you. To further our work spreading innovation tools and approaches across early childhood systems in a much greater way, we are merging with Start Early (formerly known as the Ounce), a leading early childhood innovator with deep experience working at the intersection of program, policy and research. The Lab will join Start Early as a new division operating under chief learning officer Rebecca Berlin. We are very enthusiastic and hopeful that our shared commitments will bring meaningful advancements to the early childhood field. 
The merger will uniquely position Start Early to develop new ways of working that draw upon the collective experience of both organizations in elevating parent voice, systems change, and knowledge transfer and network building. By integrating the Lab’s human-centered design and technology capacities with Start Early’s deep expertise across program, policy and research, Start Early will drive stronger, more equitable solutions, programs and policies that are better informed by community voices to improve early childhood systems across the country. Please see Start Early’s press release for more details.

To all our friends and partners, we are so grateful for your support of our work since our inception in 2015, and share credit with you for the growth and impact we’ve made since then. 

We particularly want to thank our partners at the Packard Foundation. The Lab was created as part of their vision of bringing innovation to the early childhood field, and we would not have accomplished all we have (and all we will) without their foundational support.

This is an exciting new chapter for us, and we very much want to stay in touch. In the near future, the Early Learning Lab website will have a new home at startearly.org, and we will be in touch again then so you can find us there.

Thank you again. We are very much looking forward to your continued partnership and friendship with us in this new chapter.