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A Three-Year Retrospective: What We’ve Learned and How We’re Driving Change

Lab News

We’re excited to share our recently released Three-Year Retrospective: What We’ve Learned and How We’re Driving Change. In this retrospective, we’ve toplined our insights on where innovation meets early childhood – and key opportunities for the early childhood field to make significant leaps forward in supporting young children.  

Since the Early Learning Lab launched in 2015, we’ve had the privilege of working alongside teachers, parents, and caregivers. Together, thanks to our partners, advisors, and funders, we’ve been able to explore how to bring new methods and tools to the early childhood sector that can accelerate efforts to ensure children 0-5 thrive and are ready for kindergarten.

Now, with support for early care and education reaching new heights, it’s time to shift our collective focus to strategies that allow us to achieve greater impact, faster, and to scale bigger.

Inside the retrospective, you will find our work and insights on:

  • Three Drivers of Change that the field should embrace to shift from business-as-usual to next-gen approaches in supporting young children
  • Supporting teacher-focused innovation in communities using systems-level approaches, rapid-cycle learning, and new tools
  • Strengthening parent-focused innovation through co-designing solutions, developing leadership capacity, and strengthening networks
  • Advancing technology in early childhood by identifying opportunities and barriers to leveraging technology for impact and scale as well as creating bridges between the field and technologists

View the retrospective for our full recommendations on where we can go from here to ensure all children are poised for success in school and life.

We welcome any feedback, ideas, and opportunities for partnership at info@earlylearninglab.org.