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Our Commitment to Racial Justice

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Like so many of you, we are heartbroken and are grappling with how best to meet this moment. This is a defining time in our nation’s history, and we unequivocally stand with Black families, children, and communities against racial injustice and violence.

In the early childhood field, Black leaders, parents, caregivers, teachers, and child care workers undeniably shape and strengthen a brighter future for our country—and it’s imperative that we do our part to actively protect and lift up Black futures.

Decades of racial and economic injustice that families of color have endured in this country have had an overwhelming impact on every aspect of our lives and communities, including the health and development of so many young children. 

We must all look deep inside and take stock of the ways we have implicitly or explicitly contributed to a racist culture and change our actions.

At the Lab, we are committed to being anti-racist in our work by: 

  1. Listening deeply and with humility to the Black community to better meet their needs
  2. Taking a critical lens to how assumptions, judgments, power structures, allocation of resources, and underrepresented voices within our field undermine Black families and communities
  3. Identifying and uplifting the diversity of ways families love and support young children

We cannot let history keep repeating itself, and we need collective action and partnership to make real change. We humbly recognize that we don’t have all the answers and offer a standing invitation to our partners to share any ways we can work together to do better.

– Sheetal Singh and the team at the Early Learning Lab

Below are some advocacy resources and ways to talk with young children about racism:

Organizations Taking Action

How to Talk to Young Children About Racism