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QuickCheck – Transforming Teaching Practices Webinar

Reflectable Early Learning Tech

Webinar now on-demand

For many teachers, it feels like they go through an overwhelming amount of professional learning, and it can be a challenge to actually apply everything that they have learned to their classroom. We’ve seen this often in our work with teachers, so we wondered: How might we close this implementation gap?

We wanted to create ongoing support that would help teachers build their skills week by week and become fluent in teaching strategies – ultimately sustaining professional learning models over time. 

What emerged was the QuickCheck, a simple online tool that helps remind teachers of and reinforce classroom strategies, puts them in control of their data for their own skill-building rather than compliance, and allows them to reflect on what’s working and what they can do to address what isn’t. 

Recently, we completed a pilot program in the Franklin-McKinley School District in San Jose, California and spoke with a former early childhood teacher and director about the QuickCheck and their experience with it. The recording is now available on-demand here. 

Here’s what you can expect out of this conversation: 

  • Gain insight into how behavioral science, technology, and data can support ongoing professional learning
  • See the results and insights from our recent QuickCheck pilot program 
  • Learn why and how the tool was co-designed with teachers
  • Get a look into how the QuickCheck works
  • Hear directly from a teacher and director about how the tool has helped improve teacher practice in their district

Watch it here: 

A special thanks goes to our webinar guests:

Sheetal Singh (moderator)
Executive Director
The Early Learning Lab


Erika Mathur
Manager, ECIDS, Early Learning Data Governance
Office of the Superintendent 
Santa Clara County Office of Education 
& former Teacher at Franklin-McKinley School District

Chris Sciarrino
Director of Early Childhood Practice and Innovation
The Early Learning Lab

Melinda Waller
Director III, Early Learning Data Governance
Office of the Superintendent
Santa Clara County Office of Education
& former Director of Early Learning at Franklin-McKinley School District

For questions about the QuickCheck and potential opportunities to fund or pilot this tool in your community, please send inquiries to info@earlylearninglab.org