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A Conversation on Smart Early Childhood Technology

Early Learning Tech

How can we use technology in the early childhood field to make the lives of providers and families easier and boost quality time with young children? And how can everyone from tech entrepreneurs to program implementers, government and system leaders, and funders help make that happen?

Recently, we reflected on these big questions around technology with partners at Early Edge California, Ounce of Prevention Fund, and Texans Care for Children. The panel discussion was a follow-up to our joint interactive report, Enabling Smart Early Childhood Technology in Public Systems: Where We Are and What Comes Next, made possible by Imaginable Futures. To watch the conversation, scroll down to the recording. 

In addition to sharing our findings from the report, we discussed how stakeholders can guide effective tech development and adoption and what they plan to do about it next. It’s clear there is opportunity to bring provider and family voices to the table, prove the value and downstream benefits of products, and plan for the full cost and life cycle of technology — and everyone in this ecosystem has a role to play.

A few highlights: 

  • “We have a fragmented system right now. We need technology and technologists to help us stop that fragmentation, not help to continue it.” — Rebecca Berlin, Senior Vice President, Quality, Solutions and Impact of the Ounce of Prevention Fund
  • “We’ve asked potential users or people who are using technology what is important to them and how they would want to use it, and I think that has to be at the core of everything.” — Stephanie Rubin, CEO of Texans Care for Children
  • “At the state level in terms of data, how can we create a system where we collect data and we use it? For teachers, how do we make it easier for them to use assessments and get professional development? And for providers to do administration and for parents — at every level, I see opportunity.” — Patricia Lozano, Executive Director of Early Edge California
  • “If I had my magic wand for government and systems leaders, I’d like to see reform for procurement processes for technology. In California, we’re excited to see that already happening and to be thinking about how do you put out a challenge and ask for solutions in response to that versus waiting to see what comes.” — Catherine Atkin, Founder and Senior Advisor of the Early Learning Lab

Watch the conversation below. 



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