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The Quick Check

Reflectable Early Learning Tech

Even when professional learning models include the best of what the early childhood field knows about impactful teacher practices, the gains in child outcomes are often small or inconsistent.

Chris Sciarrino and our team at the Early Learning Lab wanted to find a way to reinforce existing training activities to help teachers use best practices in the classroom – and to know where they are making an impact.

That’s why we developed the Quick Check: a simple tool that, in a matter of minutes, allows teachers to reflect on and build fluency in target practices by providing them with clear, frequent feedback loops of data.

We are excited that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce highlighted the Quick Check as a tech innovation in early education and are currently exploring how to build out the technology to bring it to scale for the early childhood field.

To learn more, see insights from our own on-the-ground experience and check out the guide below.

Originally published in July 2018 and last updated in November 2018.