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We Must Stand with Asian American Families and Communities

Lab News

After two mass shootings in America less than a week apart the first of which was aimed at Asian women we are heavy-hearted and grieving. We have been trying to process the last week, the last year, and our country’s long-standing history, of anti-Asian racism. One thing is clear: We must stand with Asian American families and communities. 

Since the pandemic began, nearly 3,800 anti-Asian hate incidents were reported, the majority of which were reported by women, according to Stop AAPI Hate. Here in the Bay Area, there has been an alarming surge in violent attacks against Asian Americans, especially elders. We see this recent spike as a result of the dangerous racist and xenophobic rhetoric from the highest levels of our nation last year. At the same time, we must recognize that anti-Asian hate is not new in America. 

It’s past time to confront our country’s anti-Asian racism. We are committed to disrupting the perpetuation of white supremacy and systems of oppression that divide and work against communities of color — especially women, elders and people working in low-wage jobs. 

At the Lab, we will: 

  • Listen to Asian American communities to learn and co-design supports that meet their family, cultural and linguistic needs.
  • Elevate and honor the voices and full lived experiences of people who have been historically erased or underrepresented in the broader narrative. 
  • Consider in both our work and our daily interactions the impact of the harmful model minority myth, power imbalances, language and microaggressions. 
  • And as always, uplift the diversity of ways families love and support young children.

This is a call for solidarity with and across communities so that we can build a safer and more supportive future for all our children and families.