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Webinar: Tapping the Potential of NextGen Technology

Early Learning Tech

The role of technology in early learning is growing as fast as our children. So how is technology being used to support parents of children from ages 0-3? What is the landscape of products for parents like? Where are the gaps and opportunities? And what improvements can be made to the way parent-support technology is funded, developed, evaluated, and shared with parents?

I recently explored these questions in a webinar, “Tapping the Potential of NextGen Technology,” with Matt Glickman, founder of BabyCenter, senior advisor at Omidyar Network, and founder of Promise Venture Studio, which is launching soon to spur entrepreneurship in early childhood development.

Early childhood is, to me, one of the biggest societal problems and opportunities we have,” said Matt Glickman. “In some ways, it’s the most foundational. If we can get kids started right in life, we can affect their lifelong trajectory.”

So how can we use technology to provide better support to parents?

Glickman said: “Coming from Silicon Valley, you never start with technology first. You have to start with the human and the need first, so I think the design thinking part of what we do is actually more important to kind of reimagine how you can deliver new services and make a difference. I think that’s getting people out of the mindset of either technology can’t help here or technology is the savior.”

Listen to the webinar recording for our full analysis of the early childhood technology and innovation landscape; findings from the Early Learning Lab’s report NextGen Technology: Insights and Recommendations to Support the Parents of Children Ages 0–3; an introduction to Promise Venture Studio and Matt’s insights from reaching parents through BabyCenter; and our discussion about the top barriers to technology and the top opportunities in technology that will move the early childhood field forward.