The Lab works to curate and develop tools and resources that empower parents, caregivers, and teachers with ways to support their children’s healthy development. We designed the free app, Stay Play Grow, to be a comprehensive one-stop resource for families with young children during the coronavirus outbreak and beyond. 

Parents and caregivers are currently facing unprecedented challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. To inform the app’s development, we surveyed 1,500 parents to better understand their top needs and several key insights emerged: Parents are ‘overwhelmed’ with the amount of information they receive and also feel there’s a lack of ‘reliable’ resources that help them engage their children and stay healthy. The majority of respondents were heavy app users and regularly used more than ten apps on their phones.

Stay Play Grow offers a full range of resources in English and Spanish to help ease the burden of finding reliable and quality resources across these key areas: 

  • Support for children’s learning and development, including simple activities to help children learn and play at home  
  • Self-care strategies for parents and caregivers 
  • Information on how to get help meeting basic needs including food, shelter, diapers, and more 
  • Trusted health & safety resources, including how to talk to children about the current health pandemic and racial justice crisis

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For more information on the Stay Play Grow app, click here.